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Out of respect for 
customers and employees.

everything clean.
Even in the toilet.

You know it ...

Tradesmen are lucky to have porta-potties on building sites, otherwise they have to use accessible supermarket toilets or even customers' toilets. But that should actually be a thing of the past in these times. Nevertheless, this kind of behavior is probably the norm in the trades and shows neither respect for employees nor customers.

However, respect is a very important cornerstone of WANDWERK's corporate philosophy. And this includes, above all, respect for nature/the environment and for the health of customers/employees. The managing directors have therefore given this sensitive issue their own special thought. For reasons of hygiene and health requirements for customers and craftsmen as well as respect for the privacy of customers, a different solution had to be found.

As no existing concept could be adopted, they started to think about it themselves. In terms of feasibility, they were certain that there was only one maxim: "Do it!". Drawings were made of a trailer with a built-in special toilet, urinal and washbasin. This contains a lockable door, light inlets and an odor extractor. To make the craftsmen feel comfortable for the duration of their stay, the whole thing also had to be attractively designed.
We looked for and found a specialist company that could fulfill our wishes. The trailer was manufactured to our specifications in high quality. It is now in use. The towels are replenished every day. All waste is emptied daily and the interior of the trailers is cleaned so that high hygiene standards are maintained and guaranteed. Disinfectants are also on board and are regularly replenished.  

The customers' privacy is therefore impaired as little as possible and they can remain completely relaxed. This solution was very well received by everyone, so that five special vehicles were subsequently ordered, each with a built-in toilet room. There is no need to carry a trailer at all.  

Each team leader is responsible for their vehicle, including the cleanliness and hygiene of the sanitary facilities. This ensures that the toilets are always in a good state of cleanliness for the teams of craftsmen.

For WANDWERK, this is a really good and sensible investment in the future. Customers and employees alike are happy with this effective solution. And the issue of porta-potties is off the table!

Cleanliness is our profession. And hygiene is our hobby.  

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